From all of us (me and one other guy) at The Radish, we wish you an indoors Halloween. Don’t catch Covid!

Costume #1: Person wearing their mask wrong. This is arguably the easiest one to construct. Just grab a face mask, wear it slightly below the nose, and voila! This is a costume that is sure to scare everyone away. Literally.

Costume #2: Zoom screen. This is a tongue-and-cheek reminder for everyone to get thicker glasses and update their Zoom client. And to buy travel insurance, toilet paper, a new computer, a life-size model of Jupiter, reBay(short for ReturnBay) and sacrifice to the Zoom gods.

Costume #3: The Rational Consumer. Another one for your zoom meetings. Just dress normally, and you’ll win your costume contest immediately. Guaranteed.

So, head on over to your computer, and chat on Discord with your friends. Do whatever you want, just don’t go outside.

And from the two people at The Radish, Happy Thanksgiving Halloween.