PAWNEE, IN – A recent poll by VOT3 Polling among Hoosiers across the state has shown that the people who are both easily offended and boomers felt attacked by Twitter’s recent ban of Donald Trump. We wasted four more correspondents in going to the streets of South Bend, Gary, Indianapolis, and Bloomington.

According to their reports, two were arrested for loitering and the other two were attacked by drifters. Wonderful country we live in, right? Anyways, we had two answers.

| Anonymous
I really believe in freedom of speech, yah? And thiiiiiiiiiis…this is a violation of my natural right to freedom of speech, ja? (Reporter: Actually those aren’t your natural rights, according to Locke’s philoso-) That was when he got punched in the face.

| Charles Barkle- wait charles barkley? he’s 65?
This is a turrible idea! What were those nutjobs in San Franhurrrr thinking! If I were there, I would get rid of the entire thing! What am I talking about again?

So in conclusion, celebrities are horrible. Oh, and don’t trust drifters.