The horrible 2020 election fiasco is finally finished at last. As SNL puts it: We don’t have to listen to Trump’s antics anymore. Finally, his (former) Twitter account won’t control the NYSE. Hope, oh glorious hope, has finally come. Now we won’t have to listen to people scream about facemasks and use the President as proof. Now national park geeks can finally finish their middle finger thrown at Trump for establishing Gateway Arch as a national park. Now Alec Baldwin is out of a gig. Now SNL will be half as funny. Now the Earth has a chance. Now we all can finally enjoy them big taxes. Now, we finally have glorious hope. Correction: half the country has hope. The other half will be storming the capitol every weekend. That’s fine though.
Now, 3 hours of content. All times listed are in Pacific Time, as that is where I’m writing from. For Eastern time, just add 3 hours.


9:49 AM | Pence, the seemingly more reasonable one, is now gone. This marks the end of the Trump administration.

9:46 AM | 🦀🦀 TRUMP IS GONE 🦀🦀

9:43 AM | Oh look, it’s the car! And Obama! And Pence! Oh look, everyone’s here except for who? You guessed it.

9:41 AM | lmao forgot i had the stream open, seems like everything has ended. we lost john mccain too soon

9:22 AM | uhhh who’s this

9:17 AM | oh look it’s bruce springsteen i think

9:11 AM | the speech is very long

8:59 AM | Anyone wanna bet with me that someone’s gonna attack the Capitol? No? alright. Also I just noticed that Technoblade got more concurrent viewers on his SMP stream than there are people watching the CNBC inauguration. Thank god they disabled chat.

8:53 AM | Hope, at last! Hope, oh glorious hope! America will heal! (hopefully)

8:51 AM | President Joe Biden! That’ll take a while to get used to. Oh hey look! Bill Clinton’s here! 🎶 Sex Scandal 🎶

8:44 AM | Oh look. More songs. Also, This Land is Your Land is slightly racist, as the this land was settled by Natives and driven out by colonists. Great!

8:42 AM | They got Kamala Harris’ name wrong. Nice. SNL is gonna have a blast doin this. VP JUST FINISHED OATH POG

8:40 AM: I always found the pledge insane in school. You’re declaring your neverending support for a piece of goddamn cloth.

8:36 AM – They’re doing the anthem and flags now! Nice military march music. And they got Lady Gaga to do the national anthem. Imma throw in a comment here: the song is absolutely broken. It goes up 8 octaves at once.

8:33 AM – I APOLOGIZE! I just woke up, and realized the inauguration started a half hour ago. Wonderful! At least I didn’t miss anything, as the reverend has been talking for the last half hour.