A glimmer of hope in these hard times: states have begun vaccinating at-risk groups, mainly health care workers and the elderly. 19 Pharmacy Associations have said that they would start vaccinations in late January. States will be able to give doses directly to those pharmacies, with over 40,000 stores participating, says a Radish correspondent.

But even though vaccines have become more available, the virus continues to spread at an alarming pace. 21 million infected and 350k dead in what is now the worst pandemic of the century.

So far, most vaccines have been given out at hospitals and other health care settings, such as clinics and nursing homes. But pharmacies are increasingly entering the mix. As of 1/6/2021, nearly 17.3 million doses of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna had been shipped out across the country.

The rollout is beginning to accelerate: More first shots were reported given in the third week of the vaccine drive than in the first two combined, and the C.D.C.’s count increased by 470,000 between Tuesday and Wednesday. Still, the number of vaccinations is far fewer than the 20 million people that the Trump administration hoped would get their first shots by the end of 2020.

Other vaccines nearing the final stages of development could also increase the supply of vaccines and help accelerate their distribution.

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