Because you guys liked the first part so much

This is Sam. Sam likes to spam “Pokimane POG ” in her Twitch chat. He goes onto twitter after the stream and publishes post after post about how perfect she is, and when people call him out, he viciously defends himself, calling everyone a hypocrite. Don’t be like Sam.

This is Rashib. Rishab goes onto Pokimane’s twitch chat and spams his online store in an attempt to self promote. Rishab is angry that no one seems to care, so he tries to get her attention by donating money and promoting there. Rishab is subsequently banned from the chat, and makes 5 alt accounts in order to stalk her.

Bobs and vagene for life bro

This is Jeff. Jeff goes onto Twitter every day to find Pokimane simps. He finds them, screenshots them, and makes fun of them on his home page. What people don’t know about him is that he is a simp himself, with a 17-month subscriber badge under his belt. Don’t be like Jeff. Jeff is a bitch.

Don’t be like any of these people I mentioned. Simping is not cool.

Verysmallbrains lol @verysmallbrains for The Radish