Editor’s note: Yes, this is a real story

Two women were caught trying to get second doses of the Covid-19 vaccine by dressing up as “grannies,” the Director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County said Thursday. The women came to the vaccination site wearing bonnets, gloves, and glasses in an attempt to receive their vaccines. According to the sheriff’s office, the women were 44 and 34.

Radish News reached out to the women for comment, but to no response. Both women had valid vaccine cards from their first shot, but they were denied their second shot while dressed up due to issues with their ID cards. Health officials did not know how the women were able to get their first vaccine shots and whether they had dressed up then as well.

The sheriff’s office did not have any additional information on the incident, including if the women were wearing disguises or how they were dressed.

Currently, Florida is prioritizing adults 65 and older, long-term care facility residents and staff and healthcare workers with direct patient contact for the vaccine.

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