SAULT STE. MARIE, MI – After passing through Sault Ste Marie Airport one day, a Radish Correspondent stumbled across a man screaming in front of his store to the press about how wimpy the Texans are for complaining over sub-zero temperatures. He popped out another microphone and stacked it on top, much like the gif you see here.

Mr. Swanson, a well known shopkeeper and hunter, has lived in northern Michigan for his whole life and reportedly gets his news by driving the five miles to Sault Ste. Marie and meeting his “news source”, a 46-year-old homeless man who in turn gets his news by listening to the gossip on the street. Mr. Swanson stated that he would “go over there and try it for himself”. He also seemed to not realize there was a pandemic, as his news source hasn’t heard anything about this.

The city of Waco, Texas, has responded with calling him out as a communist for living in the cold. More updates on this on The Radish.