CHICAGO, IL – On Saturday, Tom Nook of Nook’s Cranny, a large Chicago-based real estate firm, was arrested by the FBI under charges of widespread tax evasion and fraud. Nook’s Cranny has reportedly sold millions of plots of land to unsuspecting investors, who would take out a loan from them with over 30% interest. In 2011, Nook’s Cranny filed for bankruptcy protection and was bailed out by the Chicago Union Bank. Tom Nook, its CEO, has avoided paying corporate tax thru a complex system of transactions which I can’t understand.

Mr. Nook refused to answer any other questions about the situation to The Radish, so we did a Herb Welch on ‘m and attacked him in his home. Needless to say, you should really hire a hitman. Radish Correspondents have announced that Nook’s Cranny will be absorbed into Timmy’s Trinkets, a business run by Tim Nook, Tom’s brother.

Mr. Nook stated to Radish correspondents that he “regrets nothing” and “will do nothing about it”. More on the Nook’s Cranny v. IRS case on The Radish.