BOZEMAN, MT – The Gallatin County Sheriff stated Monday that a group of kayakers had gone missing just after entering the state of Wyoming. The couple, identified as Hazel and Razmig Wassernam, were last seen on a kayak in the Bighorn Canyon, near the “Wyoming” border. This, again, raises the question: is Wyoming real?

Let’s recap. What do we know about Wyoming so far? Those are listed here. Yes, another Radish article. Let’s talk. First off: the San Francisco Freeway Riots. They were a series of protests by citizens of San Francisco against the planned freeway network. The state then relocated all the money to LA. But, “according” to “government” “documents”, there was a surplus of money, which they then relocated to extending the I-25 north from Fort Collins towards “Cheyenne”. Nowadays, however, if you drive along the 25 north, it ends abruptly just past Fort Collins, then becoming Pierce Mountain Parkway. This proves that Cheyenne does not exist.

The government, over the years, has had to resort to multiple disgusting tactics to keep the idea of Wyoming away from the public eye. According to our crack researchers, the Cenzus Burrow (NOT the Census Bureau) pays 800,000 people each year from the states of Idaho, Montana, and Colorado to masquerade as a citizen of “Wyoming”. The Cenzus Burrow is a separate branch of the Census Bureau dedicated to the state of Wyoming.

These are just two more instances as to why society is too weak to understand the truth about Wyoming. Goodbye.

Author’s note: If you read the first letter of every sentence, it spells Never Gonna Give You Up. You just got rickrolled. Enjoy.