Now, I churn out about one article a day. But I usually stack them on top of each other, working on multiple at a time.

When I want to write an article I first think about what I want to write about: Is there a new agent in Valorant? Did some major news happen today? Things like that.

Once I pick a suitable topic to write about, I start my rough draft, which takes about a day. The rough draft is not pretty; the grammar in most of them are questionable, and so you can tell whether or not I was rushed or not while making an article. One example is the Valorant Article I made earlier. I had 2 hours to make a decently sized article, so I just mashed together everything I knew about the new update and gave my opinions on it. Not my proudest work.

After I finish my rough draft, I usually take about 3~4 hours to edit. How do I want my piece of sound? Casual, somber, ect. I edit my writing to see fit to the style. This is why some of my articles seem much more formal than others.

If I have time, I add pictures and captions. I add a featured image and add my tags.

And there you go. How to make a somewhat mediocre article in 48 hours or more.

Verysmallbrains lol @verysmallbrains for The Radish