FORT COLLINS, CO – Another day, another Wyoming incident. Let’s look into it. A child reportedly naruto ran into a goddamn firetruck in Wyoming after a “therapist session gone wrong”.

First off, how do we know that Wyoming has therapists? How do we know that the Fort Collins Medical Group didn’t make up the state of Wyoming as a cover for their semi-illegal work? How do we know that the kid isn’t a paid actor? As it turns out, therapists from Denver are hired by the government to masquerade as Wyomingites. That’s right. Your dentist may live in Wyoming part time. Did you know that? Of course not! This series is a joke!

The child was not willing to answer our comments, thus ending the Wyoming Conspiracy.

But wait, there’s more? A Supreme Court case ruled that the creation of Wyoming was unconstitutional. So: is Wyoming real? Sure it may be unconstitutional, but, according to the US federal government, it both is and isn’t. And it’s not like the government generates millions upon millions from tourism revenue into Wyomin- oh it does? oh and Wyoming is real? First of all, fuck you to whoever asked that question, and second, it turns out that the Wyoming saga isn’t over. Not just yet.