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Welcome to The Radish, America’s premier source of “news”

The Radish was a project started in late 2020 out of boredom by @corvalix. The main goal was to get Donald Trump to retweet us someday, but I guess that’ll never be possible due to his account going poof. Since the founding of this website, I have found out that WordPress is absolute shit.

I aim to post every other day. We might have a monthly newspaper for readers if you need even MORE content.So take a look around, and if you enjoy it, consider staying.

We are also friends with Pish News, an ACTUAL news source with MORE THAN 1 WRITER.

Everything (most things) written on this website is completely false and/or made up. It’s up to you to distinguish.

The false to actual news ratio is about 1:4. If you can’t tell, just remember @verysmallbrains does pure news and @corvalix, @michaaaeeeel1234321, and @spellcastreal do made up news.

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God – @readtheradish
Editors – @verysmallbrains @corvalix
Writers – @corvalix @verysmallbrains @spellcastreal @michaaaeeeel1234321

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