WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve has stated that there isn’t inflation (source), and that’s great and all, but they also said that there is inflation. So that begs the question: For fuck’s sake, is there inflation or not?

Spoiler: we do not know either.

Inflation. What is inflation? Is this inflation? What about this? Inflation, in layman’s terms, is when too much money and people no want money because they have money and no need money. Got it? Great.

Looking at this chart here, the monthly inflation rate for goods and services has gone to shit the past year. Beginning from a 0.1% increase in May of 2020, it skyrockets to 5% in May of 2021. We can see this in currency as well, as at this point during the year, there’s already a near 5% inflation rate, which, as you can tell, is not good.

So to answer your admittedly pointless question, yes, there is inflation.

In other news Italy has united europe (including scotland wales and northern ireland) into a single anti-british state